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Just thought I'd make this community, as I am a huge fan of American Girl Dolls and there never seems to be a place to go and discuss it.

All ages are welcome, though personally I'd like to hear from my fellow adult fans of the dolls.

This need to talk about them was actually inspired by my final falling prey to my desire to own one of these beautiful dolls and buying a Marisol at the NYC American Girl Place! YAY!

Will post pictures as soon as I get them developed!

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I just wanted to let you know that there are several American Girl message boards on other sites. There is the American Girl Fans forum,

then there is the American Girl Enthusiasts Board,

The AGE board has temporarily closed down its membership, but if you are interested in joining, you can email either the creator, Jane, or me (I am co-moderator), and you can become a member. (we closed down due to too many people joining at once - the board couldn't keep up.) Check out our archives section for a good idea about what we discuss. We also tend to cater to adult collectors.

I adore AG, and I'm sure, if you're interested, you'd find others who share your passions at either or both of these message board forums.

Just found this post and was wondering if I could join your forum as well. You can email me at chrysa1is ((with a one for the L )) at mac dot com

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