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Fans of American Girl Dolls [entries|friends|calendar]
Fans of American Girl Dolls and Books

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ag for sale [06 Jul 2012|01:16am]

Hi I would like to sell my American girl she will come in julie's calico dress and her ears are peirced. I was hoping to sell her for at least 75$+shipping.

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Long time fan of dolls/books [26 Nov 2006|08:24pm]


Thanks for starting this group :-) I've been a Pleasant Co. enthusiast for almost twenty years. Kirsten was my first doll, and the collection grew very quickly. We even went to Williamsburg, VA for Felicity's debut. The lessons taught from the books have stayed with me for all these years. Molly's conclusion never fails to make me cry.

At this very moment, Molly's movie is on. I'd love to know some others' thoughts on the films.

Talk to you all soon!!
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Welcome! [02 Apr 2005|04:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


Just thought I'd make this community, as I am a huge fan of American Girl Dolls and there never seems to be a place to go and discuss it.

All ages are welcome, though personally I'd like to hear from my fellow adult fans of the dolls.

This need to talk about them was actually inspired by my final falling prey to my desire to own one of these beautiful dolls and buying a Marisol at the NYC American Girl Place! YAY!

Will post pictures as soon as I get them developed!


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